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Jul 11, 2011, 6:31 PM

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Re: [La Isla] Dolores Olmedo Museum (via public transport)

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When you get off the Metro at Tasqueña, don’t go out the Metro turnstiles, just go to the turnstiles without passing through them and then turn around to face in the direction your train was coming from. At this point you should see straight ahead of you the doorway leading outside to the Tren Ligero platform (sign over the doorway). Once you go through that doorway, to get your tickets (they’re different from the Metro tickets), go down the few stairs towards your left. **

[*Update: It's different now; see my Oct. 11 post below.]

As La Isla said, get off at La Noria. It’s not far to the museum, but a bit complicated to explain. I suggest a look at Google Maps before you go. Basically, you’ll stay on the same side of the train tracks once you get off the train, cross over to the sidewalk on that same side, and start going to your right along the sidewalk. Almost immediately, you reach a corner, and turn left. Walk one block, and you'll see the museum entrance straight in front of you, across the street. Be careful crossing that street, because cars that cross your path are coming from several directions.

If you can get more directly to Tasqueña by bus, you can do that, too. Then you would find your way to the platform where people are exiting the Metro train as it arrives, and follow the above directions (no Metro ticket needed, just your Tren Ligero ticket once you get to the platform as described).

Or if any of your local buses take you to anywhere on Tlalpan Avenue, you could get off there and board a southbound #26 pesero marked Xochimilco. Between Tasqueña and Estadio Azteca, it runs alongside the Tren Ligero, and you could get off at any Tren Ligero station and get on the tren.

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