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Jul 6, 2011, 10:09 AM

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Re: [Reefhound] Disrespect or Indolence?

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My personal reaction to "Guad" is the same as a San Franciscan's hearing "Frisco". Ugh, big-time ugh. In 30+ years in Mexico, I have never once heard a Mexican say "Guad"; that seems to be used only by foreigners. That should be a clue about whether it should be used or not--when in Rome, you know. GDL is the airport designation for Guadalajara and if we must use shorthand on the forums (but not in spoken conversation), that works for me.

I also hear foreigners say and write "PV" for Puerto Vallarta and "SMA" for San Miguel de Allende. I've done the SMA thing myself, but only when writing here.

The Mexican abbreviation for Puerto Vallarta is Vallarta. In referring to San Miguel de Allende, Mexicans generally say either the town's whole name or simply say, when the context is right, 'San Miguel'.

The DF is the correct form for referring to the Distrito Federal. In Spanish, it's always 'el DF' In other words, "Vivo en el DF." "Voy al DF." "Mi mamá nació en el DF." You can use periods after the D and the F when you're writing, if you want, but more often than not I don't see that Mexican writers do it.

People also say and write "la Ciudad de México" when referring to Mexico City.

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