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Jun 4, 2011, 3:42 PM

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Re: [Casa] Damn phone extorters.

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Two things:

1. The Mexican government has admitted that the registration of cellular phones was a huge mistake, a flop that turned into its own kind of extortion scam. Very shortly after registration began, printed lists of ALL registered cellular phone owners' data turned up for sale in Tepito, the premier neighborhood for stolen and contraband merchandise in Mexico City. Registration was discontinued a few weeks ago.

2. I received one of these extortion phone calls at home, just before I moved from Morelia to Mexico City. The male caller called me by name, said he had watched me return home in my light blue Atos about an hour prior to the call, and knew that my partner (whom he also called by name) was at home with me. He demanded several thousand US dollars be deposited to an Elektra bank account in Morelia or we would be kidnapped and killed. While I was on the phone listening to him, my partner called 066 emergency number from her cellular phone to report this call to our house phone. The 066 operator asked that we call 088, the extortion hotline. When I called 088, the person who answered the phone laughed at me, saying this type call was extremely common, that the calls always came from inside prisons, and that I should just ignore it. Easy for him to say. We had already rented our apartment in the DF, but this was absolutely the icing on the cake. Who needs that kind of stress!

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