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Apr 12, 2011, 7:44 AM

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Re: [santiagostan] is Manzanillo a nice place?/La Manzanilla-El Manzanillo

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Hello all,

I can't help but think that perhaps some of our posters have confused the two locations. I haven't been in either location for years but while I didn't like the busy industrial port of Manzanillo I was really impressed with La Manzanilla as a location. True I wasn't too happy with the beach on Santiago bay because the swimming area was just too small near town. And the far side of the bay, at the time I was there while beautiful was almost abandoned.

Since that time I understand that La Manzanilla has had an influx of wealthy people and the town itself has changed from a rather small fishing village to a tourist resort.

Manzanillio is a large city with a lagoon, industry, sea port and all that goes with it. La Manzanilla as I remember it, is a small town to the north of and west of Barra de Navidad and Melaque. To get to it from Melaque one needs to go over the mountain to the Santiago Bay and there it is, just on the South side of Santiago Bay. With the on coast breezes it would seem difficult for La Manzanilla to have smog, Manzanillo, on the other hand, as one of our early posters has pointed uut, could be quite smoggy. I wouldn't know.

Would I recommend living in El Manzanillo? No, I wouldn't. For me it is too large and industrial. Would I recommend living in Barra de Navidad? Perhaps, because of the creature comforts (bookstores, restaurants, deluxe hotels nearby and the constant influx of wealthy yachts), etc. Would I recommend living in nearaby Melaque (walking distance on the beach)? Absolutely. And from what I remember, would I recommend living in La Manzanilla? Yes, but then perhaps all those wealthy new residents have changed it so much that I would no longer like to live there.

Hasta luego, jerezano

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