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Feb 23, 2011, 12:11 PM

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Re: [Ric Hoffman] Morelia Ex-Pat Club - 2011 Schedule Changes

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A simple answer to my question of your statement " ...many seemed dissatisfied with some of the local offereings in Morelia....." would have been appreciated instead of double talk. How difficult is that simple question to answer? How can anyone improve without knowing what is lacking?

Your answer contained "...Y-groups structure, though it is excellent for the single-focus purposes of a club like ours, just is not made to handle the traffic that the Morelia/Pátzcuaro/all of Michoacán is now generating - at least it overwhelms our Club's board..." How does an average of less than four messages a day overwhelm your capabilities?

I thought that a rather straight-forward and simple answer, reading on I can understand your confusion. Ygroups structure is at the base of the issue for me. I am not really, though, understanding the difficulty. Knowing what is lacking?? I think you recognize the difference in a board like this one here on Mexconnect with the function and format of the Ygroup boards. I believe I have stated many times and places online these past few days that I thought the Ygroup service was excellent for our FWB Club, in particular the interactive calendar it is very useful for us to have to announce our informal get-togethers particularly the very informal ones that may happen on the spur of the moment. Having these features has given our Club a real boost in the nearly six weeks we've been using it. Our membership activity has markedly increased.

Its message board activity may average four hits a day, I'll take your word for that, and that includes many days into that average when there ar no hits. On those days nothing is overwhelmed in the least and I am very pleased. Those other days when we have four hits even, then I am concerned. The unsophisticated software of Ygroups is annoying from the start with how it mis-handles accents and diacritical marks, adding a lot of junk characters into the displayed message. It gets worse when a message is replied to, and when there is a reply to the reply it becomes a mess. That is my opinion about it.

"...Likely, though, that is not at all the idea you were wishing to convey...." Using your own analogy you wouldn't open a new office but rather continue to add to the exisiting. I was not conveying anything I was trying to determine the need for differnet forum.

Using your analogy, I not only see a need for some new modern office equipment I was in the mood for new office furniture and a whole new storefront. And as I predicted, I am getting much more than four hits a day in the new location.

I agree with Michael's comments concerning contrasting points of view and different posting atmospheres.

So do I. Although that was a secondary concern it probably helped push me over the top when considering revamping the com channels in Michoacán. I took all that into consideration when I was designing my new superstore. It doesn't bother me in the least if some folks would rather still do all their shopping at the Mom and Pop markets. That's not my call to make.

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