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Nov 19, 2010, 8:35 AM

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Return drive from Mexico and a scientific discovery

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My two brothers and I returned to Texas from Mexico, yesterday, Nov. 18. The trip was even more carefree than the drive south. There were neither military nor police checks from Lake Patzcuaro until US immigration in Texas. There were a few Federal Police cars checking for speeders but going 80mph didn’t seem to interest them. The cuotas were not crowded and the helpful Green Angels, abundant. More and more Pemex Rest Stations have WiFi and free Internet service.
This was our scientific discovery. We checked mileage both directions at Colombia bridge at Interstate 35 and at the Columbia bridge on Highway #2 outside Nuevo Laredo. South, we drove through Laredo, to N. Laredo, to the Colombia bridge and checked mileage of 43 miles. Returning north, we took mileage at Colombia Bridge, drove to Colombia and took the “Sanchez” Texas Toll road, up to Interstate 35 and checked mileage at 58 miles. It is 15 miles longer to use the Colombia crossing than N. Laredo crossing. However, we were the only vehicles in line at Colombia crossing into Texas, while there were very long lines at Laredo.
We saw a lot of Mexico, driving the back roads of Michoacan to the guitar museum in Paracho and the home/studios to view the mystical, devilish figurines in Ocumicho. We lusted after the ceramic pineapples at Patamban, purchased a raku, 5 ft. tall pot from Cocucho, gazed at the pristine Lake of Zirahuen, were thunderstruck at the volcano Paricutin, enjoyed macadamia-nut-encrusted trout from the tanks of the National Water-Park in Uruapan, devoured pork carnitas with fresh tortillas in Quiroga, savored Pasta ice cream on the Plaza Grande in Patzcuaro, (not elbow macaroni flavor, but creamed almonds), we revered the marigold covered graveyards of Lake Patzcuaro, hunted for Day of the Dead Catrina dolls in Capula, we paid our respects to Santa Muerte in Capitiro, prayed to the Growing Jesus in Tzintzuntzan and found an unmapped road, directly north of Lake Patzcuaro, that bypasses Morelia. It is winter in the mountains around Lake Patzcuaro with warm days and chilly nights. The air at 7,200 feet is clean and crisp. Everyone agrees that Michoacan is magical. Feliz viaje, David
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