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Hound Dog

Nov 18, 2010, 6:25 AM

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Yes, NE, Dawg was a bit slow in discovering this treasure and was also slow as well at discovering the relatively new Laurent Restaurant which features on its regular menu that lamb loin prepared with ginger and raw cashews that I opted out of for the ribeye bearnaise much to my regret as I love lamb (as well as raw cashews and ginger) which used to be really hard to find at the lake. I´ll be back to both of these places. Laurent was, I believe, the chef at La Gasconade which closed. He is a Frenchman so, of course, at the dinner with my French wife I failed to even exist. He is a most amusing fellow but I must be easily amused as I don´t speak French. He reminds me of many French chefs I met in the U.S. west as my Dawgette was in the wine business or as we say down south, in thuh wahn bidness by which we meant Carlo Rossi in the jug which she did not sell - ever but is the official wine of Lakeside or used to be when we first got here.

I´ll be back to Jardin de Ninette for that mint iced tea and lots of other things on their menu after I lose few pounds.

Time for a factoid. Ginger and fresh turmeric root are quite popular at the indigenous market in San Cristóbal de Las Casas but ginger is used medicinally down there and not as a cooking ingredient. I was highy amused as my wife explained to the indigenous ginger vendors there how ginger could be an excellent ingredient in savory dishes. The old boy has come a long way. When I was a kid in Alabama, ginger always came dried as a powder in cans and I thought that was what it was. Same with artichokes which always came as pickled hearts in jasr and not to be confused with the popular Jerusalem artichokes which I have not spied in a market in years. Maybe I just don´t know what is right there in front of me.

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