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Hound Dog

Nov 16, 2010, 1:45 PM

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Re: [Gringal] DAMFINO

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OK, Gringal and Mevale and Rolly:

I understand and sympathize with the fact that there has been some miscommunication here and I must say that I was being a bit defensive as the Webjefe seemed to be ready to assign me (the Dawg) to the trash heap and, perhaps, without Dawg having committed any offense with which I was familiar.

One of the reasons I like posting here and never post on the other board which, believe it or not, from which I was never banned, is because I like the discourse hereabouts. It is not that I do not like that other board and I often consult it when I need to know how to find the post office; its just that the absolutely inconceivably "Nurse Kratchet From Hell" moderator over there informed me sanctimoniously that, while I could continue to post thereabouts, he/she/it would prescreen my posts in order to determine their acceptability and Im a sumbitch if I want to go there circa that old bitty Miz Mitty of the brand new Tiny Tots Grammar School in 1948 and one of the reasons I left Greenville, Alabama and moved to Paris as soon as I reached of age in 1966 was to get the hell out of that environment and Im a sumbitch if some snotty moderator from some such place as Cold Springs, Gaddamned, Iowa was going to By God order Dawg around again and there you have it. I feel much better now.

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