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Hound Dog

Nov 15, 2010, 12:43 PM

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Re: [Gringal] DAMFINO

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Now, now, Gringal, since Dawg is more or less fond of you I forgive your impertenence. Dawg is always in "late night la la land and since we both lived in L.A. at one time or another, I recognize your small joke there which I sort of appreciated.

Dawg is not especially fond of Mexican food but since that is where I live I must tolerate it and Dawg finds the tacos at Taco Niko´s to be quite tasty especially when accompanied by that high octane Belgian beer they serve icy cold there. The půrpose of my post was to sing the praises of Taco Niko´s but I must remind you that I also admire cheese sliders as served by Krystal in Western Birmingham near Legion Field of which Dawg has consumed as many as 20 at a time back in the 1960s so it may be that that fact detracts somewhat from any previous reputable stance I may have exhibited in the past. I also like cheese grits and whoppers at Burger King to say nothing of deep fried Moon Pies and RC Cola. After all, Dawg did grow up in the piney woods of South Alabama and was so lacking in good taste that he retired to Lake Chapala.

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