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Nov 15, 2010, 12:00 PM

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Re: [mevale] DAMFINO

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"Of course, Gringal might dispute the being "cheaper" part since she equates the number of tortillas as being the relevant indicator as to the number of tacos. By her reasoning, Niko's is cheaper since the guy on the plaza only uses one tortilla per taco. En broma."
Are you reading-impaired? I said the chicken wings at "Wings" were pricier than the wings at Quekas del Abuelo, and that the rest of the food offered at Quekas is excellent, at a reasonable price. Quekas is NOT on the plaza, and I know what a tortilla looks like. I don't need to measure the circumference, nor did I fall off a Mexican turnip truck yesterday. Chicken wings in general are the sort of thing that should be given free at the local watering hole.

Unless you like looking like a victim of foot in mouth disease, it's best to read a post before responding and making a broma of yourself. I went to Niko's once and never returned. It was okay, period. If you're hungry and happen to be's food. I haven't tried the Lake Tacos place. I don't know what "guy on the plaza" you're talking about. The restaurant I referred to is down the street on Colon.

Are we there yet? Hope so.

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