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Oct 6, 2010, 7:40 AM

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Re: [rockydog85251] Introduce Yourself -- Part 3

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Hello dan and Carmen,

The previous recommendation to consider Colima or Comala is a good one.

My own recommendation is the Tepic area. It has all the advantages of Colima or Comala, offers perhaps an even better cultural ambiance to meet your requirements and most importantly offers a much cheaper cost of living. It also has a somewhat more tropical climate than does Colima. In fact a late friend who had lived in Guadalajara for more than 20 years and had explored and written about almost every possible retirement town in Mexico (the now defunct Adventures in Mexico Aim a bimonthly newsletter) moved to Tepic because to him it offered the nearest climate to Honolulu, Hawaii.

You listed your preferences as:>>>>>>>>>>Trying to find the “right place” means determining what characteristics a town should have for our own sense of well-being. These are on the list for us, in no way ranked in importance: A long growing season. Some topography interest & views, with mountains in the distance (maybe some snow at the top), and the salt water not too far away, would be a plus. A moderate climate, not too hot in the summer nor cold in winter. No water shortages--somewhere where rivers & streams run most of the year would be nice. Don’t mind some clouds or rain (in fact, we’d miss them if they weren’t there!). A manageable cost of living. A good internet connection. Reliable electricity. Enough home space for a large patio or small jardín for lots of flowering plants. Access to reliable, not too expensive, medical care (we’re both reasonably healthy and mobile). Close-by shops for necessities (mercado, panaderia, farmacia, ferreteria), and farther-away bigger stores for periodic stocking up. A smaller town, with access to a not too distant city (perhaps a university city) where there are urban health and some cultural resources.<<<<<<<<<

In the Tepic area you can find that all your preferences are covered except the snow on the mountains. One caution: If you are not experienced with the burning of sugar cane, the haze produced during the harvesting season could be worrisome unless you choose your projected living site very carefully. Another caution is that expats are few although you will find many English speaking Mexicans.
As ever, jerezano.

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