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Jul 21, 2010, 9:11 AM

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Re: [chinagringo] Gringo ghetto?

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When did self-deprecation go out of style?

Just as my Polack in-laws tell decades of more (really good) Polack jokes than anyone else I've known, just like African Americans call each other the so-called "n-word", just like our Jewish friends love to tell JAP jokes, how is referring to ourselves now as Yucogringos, or Gringals, etc so different and unacceptable?

When an old jewish friend of mine refers to himself as a "viejo Yucogringo" with a twinkle in his eye with locals (particularly Maya), they crack up with laughter - as he continues to regale them with funny tales, and as he probes around (trolls) for their experiences and opinions.
p.s. Our Mexican family and friends find "YucaLandia" just as silly as "ChickyLandia" et al: a good spoof using nonsense words.
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