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Jul 15, 2010, 9:43 AM

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Re: [wearechange] VIPS experience on Saturday

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I don't think you are likely to find a comprehensive and accurate restaurant guide for any area of México. Any guide will be full of paid promotions, or peoples personal opinions. Personal experience is your best guide.

We do have a Bisquets here. It is OK, a good coffee shop type of restaurant. When my cuñado visits us from Tacoma, he always wants to eat there at least once. He was born in Texas, and raised in México City, he is a dual citizen and has lived in the US for over 40 years. He still loves the Bisquets in Col. Roma.

There has never been a separate charge for a bread basket on our table anywhere in Cuernavaca. Sometimes there will be a couple of bottles of mineral water, or soda pop on the table. We don't pay for them if we do not open them. Sometimes, especially at Sanborns, there will be a price tag attached to them. I think there may have been some mis-communication by a mesera that is not too fluent in English for anyone to believe they must pay for them, even if they don't consume them. Look at your bill to see if they are listed.

I think one of the surest ways to have a pleasant dining experience anywhere in México is to be friendly, not aloof, with the wait staff. This usually requires speaking Spanish.

My Spanish is just past the point and grunt stage. My Mexican wife and suegra make up for me though. My wife is a naturally outgoing and friendly person. Even when we haven't sat in their station, meseras (waitresses) will come over to greet her. She is often treated like a long lost sister by them.

We get outstanding service anywhere we eat often. Often, the mesera herself will say something isn't good, and she will take it away and get something better, or fresher. We always get outstanding service from the meseras and meseros everywhere here. We have eaten in some of the little hole-in-the wall places too. It is catch as catch can in them.

I think we are lucky to live in a good town for restaurants here, we haven't found a really bad one yet. There are very few fine dinner houses here though, I miss The Mansions in México City. Our favorites for fine dining here are The Tequila and Mañanitas, we only go to them for special occasions. Anytime a meal for three with several Martinis for the host costs between $2000 and $2500 Pesos it has to be a special occasion.

Learn some Spanish, stop asking for menus in English, and trust your own nose and gut.

"The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved" - Victor Hugo

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