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Jul 12, 2010, 6:58 AM

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Re: [wearechange] VIPS experience on Saturday

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There are a few restaurants in Mexico that I just won't visit again:

--VIPs. It reminds me of a really low-end Denny's.
--El Portón. Ditto.
--Sanborns. No. I do like the sight of the Casa de los Azulejos, but preferably from the outside.
--Sirloin Stockade. A Mexican friend invited me to eat there once as a misguided 'special treat'--once was enough.
--McDonalds. Wouldn't go there in the States, either, or in Europe.
--Starbucks. Not a restaurant exactly. Better, less expensive coffee is available elsewhere.

Edited to add two more:
--Bisquets Bisquets Obregón

There are probably a few others I could add to that list, but it's early and my brain is still waking up.

Don't think I'm a foodista. On many occasions I have happily snarfed down a Burger King hamburger (I confess to preferring the X-Treme). I love trying tiny fondas and cocinas económicas and street stands. But the pseudo-food offered in the chains I mentioned is not for me.

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