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Jul 11, 2010, 5:35 PM

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Re: [jerezano] VIPS experience on Saturday

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I have found the prices at the Sanborns restaurants to be only slightly higher than most mid-priced restaurants here. There are 3 people in our household, and we can get a good meal at Sanborns for the three of us for around $500 Pesos, including the TIP. Sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. It is usually cheaper than eating at one of the three good VIPS here. The standard amount to TIP in México is 10%. I always TIP 20% or more.

At the Sanborns that we like to go to most often, there is an elderly lady that buses the tables. My wife always calls her over to our table and gives her a $20 or a $50 Peso Tip. The waiters in that place fall all over themselves to wait on us, and we get outstanding service.

I have told my NOB friends, and I did so in a recent post on the technical forum, that Sanborns is a notch or three above a coffee shop, and a notch or two below an elegant dinner house. It is a nice place to eat a good meal for a reasonable price though. Every month they feature dishes from different states in México too. The regional dishes are usually very good. If is is not raining, we like to eat in the garden.

My personal favorite here is Pange. No garden to eat in though. They do have home delivery. We have ordered hamburgers delivered to our house. They are good and they are filling. They cost about twice as much as the place where we usually order hamburgers for home delivery though.

Edited to add that VIPS does give the discount for the INAPAM and INSEN cards. When we eat at a VIPS, it is usually enough to cover the TIP. I show my INAPAM card and my suegras INSEN card at checkout and we get two discounts.

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