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Apr 25, 2010, 6:13 PM

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Re: [esperanza] Do you "¿Mande?"

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Your friend is right, of course: you definitely are nuts. ;^)

'Mande' is absolutely the right thing to say in Mexico. Using it is in no way demeaning. It's Mexican Spanish and your use of 'mande' will show that you are indeed speaking the language more "as she is spoke" and less as it's learned in a classroom.

I'm going to somewhat disagree with the above statement. When I first moved here, I asked my ex-Spanish teacher about this, and she said that she and all of her friends and family in Guadalajara would never use "¿mande?", but preferred to use "¿cómo?". We didn't talk about it much more than that, but I did sense somewhat of a "class" attitude, and I have noticed over the years that people from small towns tend to use "¿mande?" much more than people from say, D.F., Guadalajara or Monterrey. In fact, I have a friend that was born in Monterrey and in all the years I've known him, I've never heard him say "¿mande?". So I don't think that it is as universal as the above post implies.

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