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Uncle Jack

Oct 27, 2002, 5:10 AM

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I couldn't agree more

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In the past year I have learned a great deal from posts regarding B & Bs, real estate offices, rentals, and restaurants from comments on this forum. Most of the recommendations that I received through the forum and from e-mails were reasonable and honest and reflected peoples real personal experiences. During two subsequent trips to Ajijic, I found most of the recommendations to be accurate. I thought that was what these forums were supposed to be all about. As you stated, it doesn't take a genius to soon figure out who is offering good information and who has only vested interests.

I really don't understand the criteria for removing these posts. It can't be just a "no commercial posts" policy. We often see recommendations for lodging and restaurants on this forum and On the Road and most of them do not mention establishments that are advertisers. Jennifer Rose, a moderator here, often recommends hotels, resorts, and spas to people interested in Michoacan.

Realistically, lodging, restaurants, health care, and real estate are the issues that are of most interest to the new folks who come to these forums. Deleting their questions or the responses is not much of a welcome. It is also rather discouraging and frustrating to regular posters and people who actually live lakeside to have their efforts deleted after they have taken the time and made the effort to help someone.

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