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Hound Dog

Oct 27, 2009, 2:00 PM

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Re: [jl1] Questions and Concerns about Foreigners in Mexico

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I can appreciate the concern of the OP, but who is to say that those missing tax dollars would do anything to improve the standard of life of the average Mexican? Or that the government even cares? The Gringo community in my village contributes alot of money and time each year to pay for things like school bathrooms, trash cans, spay and neuter clinics, etc. Not to mention the amount of money contributed for the welfare of unfortunate individuals who just need help and can't get it from their government. I don't know for sure, but I would imagine this scenario is repeated all over the country. Give us a break. jl

Yes, by all means, letīs cite the "Gringo" community that came down here because they could live on peanuts and deserted their desperately poor communities in the U.S. where their real obligation lay from Jersey City to Detroit to the Mississippi Delta to Stockton and assuage their guilt at their good fortune by pumping money into Mexico which they could have pumped into their own communities of their births where their primary obligations incur for no other reason than that is where they are of and the need is in both places but there is nothing exotic about Jersey City or Stockton and these towns are damned dangerous so letīs go where the tortillas are fine and we can play hero with those extra bucks we retained because we came into a poor community where we could live like royalty among "peasants" and give our change to the poor of which we have an abundance because the cost of living in a poor place is cheap relatively speaking. So these "compassionate Gringos" come down here and while patting orphans on the head and themselves on the back and mouthing platitudes they cheat the government by engaging in tax avoidance and then have the audacity to presume that that unsociable behavior is justified because they can posit that the government is corrupt anyway unlņike the U.S. government and its countless local political districts which become more corrupted every day with institutionalized thieves they call "lobbyists" and who are every bit as corrupt and they can sleep at night for now at least but there will be a reckoning.

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