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Hound Dog

Oct 27, 2009, 12:45 PM

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Re: [Zorba] Questions and Concerns about Foreigners in Mexico

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Why would you rigidly follow all the rules, when Mexicans don't even do it? One could argue that by following the rules, you are actually going against the grain of society and not adjusting to the culture.

Well said, Zorba. A thoughtful response and it takes much time living here to understand the wisdom of your comment.

I am reminded of a story from my youth.

In about 1952 or so, a European American Yankee lady moved to my small but relatively affluent South Alabama home town where African American ladies were typically employed as housekeepers or nannies and she was appalled at the exceedingly low wages paid these women for long hours and grueling work so she, with zero understanding of small town South Alabama life circa 1952, decided to pay her African American housekeeper twice the going rate of pay in those days

Now, we all know from living in Mexico and/or other foreign lands, that all is not what meets the eye and you can believe that South Alabama was a foreign land to this woman. For instance, it was customary to pay housekeepers, all of whom in that area were black in those days, subsistence wages but to allow them to , shall we say, de-refrigerate food, especially luncheon leftovers, to take home for her own family meal and that was what today we would call a perq. But, letīs not get too compllicated here. Societal customs grow and become ingrained especially in small towns and this was especially true in the 1950s.

Anyway, the local white ladies auxilliary got together and could see that this interloper was causing stirrings in the black community and possibly encouraging insurrectionist temperments so they, in a truly Southern fashion, held an afternoon
tea (tea in South Alabama was actually LeJon Dry Sherry served in tea cups with finger sandwiches) and invite this woman over to intercede with her on behalf of the community.

Well, this poor fool thought she had arrived and this false notion was reinforced by the pleasant, almost syrupy reception she received from the local white ladiesī mafia when in fact she was actually about to experience whet we today would call an intervention. You have to be Southern to understand the ensuing events but letīs just say that when that Yankee left the party at some grand mansion that afternoon , she knew full well that U.S. Highway 31 (these were pre-interstate days) not only went south to Mobile but also went north to Chicago and she could either conform with local customs or have her ass on that highway heading north with instructions not to stop until she saw the lights of Birmingham as she came down Red Mountain.

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