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Oct 27, 2009, 8:02 AM

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Re: [zzRider] Questions and Concerns about Foreigners in Mexico

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Maybe where you live the mordida is a few pesos, but at Lake Chapala it can be anywhere from 100 pesos and up, to over 500 pesos in Guadalajara. :)

Economic considerations have to be factored into the equation when deciding where to live. The Lake and SMA typically are higher priced areas to live in because of the foreign community. It stands to reason your mordida is a bigger bite as well.

I should add, though, that I have never paid a bribe or have been asked to do so, though I have witnessed such events. My federal career was such that I have had to toe the line for many years or be stripped of my enabling abilities to do my job. But yes, I was selective about which laws I would uphold, those I agreed with. I scoff at idiotic laws but am, overall, law-abiding and concientious.

The one time I drove down here to bring my car and some household items I started to pull into the "declarations" lane but was asked if anything I had was for resale. It wasn't so I was intructed to drive into the other where I pushed the button and got a green light. I was just doing what I was told and it made sense to me.

But, c'mon, 100 pesos is about $7.50 US, I don't think I ever paid even a parking ticket for that little.

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