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Oct 27, 2009, 7:26 AM

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Re: [zzRider] Questions and Concerns about Foreigners in Mexico

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"Maybe if the corruption stopped with the local police, local transito cops, state police, immigration officials, mayors and governors then maybe expats would stop trying to get around the laws.

We see what the about people in authority do and in some case do to us, so who sets the example in the first place?

Not saying it makes it right that expats in some cases try to get around the rules, but geez, the Mexicans need to clean up their act before you can expect expats to clean up theirs.

In a number of cases these officials take one look at us and see big $$ signs in our eyes and they take full advantage of it.

Before they can get our respect for them and their laws they need to clean their own house first."

Yes. Some claim the person doing the bribing is just as guilty as the person accepting the bribe. Im not sure if I buy that. Everybody in all of Mexico could one day decide not to bribe anybody, and they will still have to do it because it is the authorities requiring it. It is those people in positions of authority who are primarily to blame. In Canada, for example, you wouldn't even consider trying to bribe a cop for a lot of different reasons.

If Mexico wants to stop corruption, they will have to pay for it. That means paying cops and government workers enough to not want to risk their jobs. That means having checks and balances in place. That means promoting a culture of honesty and integrity. The latter of which will be extremely difficult considering the fact that corruption has been going on so long in Mexico that it could be said to be PART OF the culture and not just a malady within it. Im concerned that the recent spike in violence and drugs is slowly becoming PART OF the Mexican culture as well. It becomes a way of life just like corruption does.

Thanks for bringing up this topic. Very good to discuss it. However, the title of your thread is rather condescending. You might want to consider rewording it.

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