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Hound Dog

Sep 24, 2009, 6:35 AM

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Re: [chicois8] Any Chiapas backroad driving experts?

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One point I forgot to emphasize DO NOT TAKE PICTURES AND DO NOT SHOW A CAMERA in these villages. People should not be photographed without their specific permission and they will take your camera or destroy it if they think you took a picture without their permission even if you did not.

It happened to one of my friends in Chamula which is a big tourist place and where many people speak Spanish. Do not be cute about it, it does not work.

When I go to remote indigenous villages where I do not know anyone, I go by public transportation, take very little money and no important papers and I never take a camera as it increases the distrust.

Churches are public places but in remote villages I ask permission to walk in from the encargado . If you are lucky you will happen on some interesting ceremonies and sometimes very wonderful music. They will almost certainly say yes but there will be a kid or an adult who will watch you the whole time to make sure you do not take pictures or act disrespectfully so do not try to sneak a picture or disrespect the ceremony you are observing as a guest. They may ask for a tip so settle the amount before you go in. If a kid or a grown up offers to show you the church for a fee hire him. Its a good investment if the tip is reasonable.

Stay away from drunks and keep in mind that many people, both men and women, get drunk in church to be able to speak in tongues and ask questions from their favorite saints.

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