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La Isla

Aug 22, 2009, 2:41 PM

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Re: [robrt8] If you could change Spanish...

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... Is there some future tense to English I have forgotten? Example, please.

If by future tense you mean that the verb changes form to express a future time (as verbs do in English for present and past), then, no, strictly speaking, there is no future tense form in English. But there are several ways to express a future idea in English, and learning which ways to use when is actually quite difficult for those learning our complicated language.

There are four basic ways:

1) "going to" + infinitive without "to": "We're going to leave for Mexico next week"

2) "will" + infinitive without "to": I'll give you a call later."

3) present continuous tense: What are you doing tomorrow afternoon? I'm meeting with my lawyer.

4) present simple tense [mostly for timetables]: My flight leaves at 3:00.

Hope this helps, Peter!

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