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Sep 28, 2008, 6:12 PM

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Re: [quevedo] Excelente

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This is good. I find myself busy looking for interpretation more so than in the past because English expression of same, most of the time, doesn’t carry with it el dulce del momento. It seems to me literal interpretation of Spanish is not only somewhat in reverse but word placement at times make the flavor carried from Spanish too English an abyss of confusion and/or a bit disjointed.

This is why I agree that personal harmony with the true flavor born from its cultural influence can also make it an interpretive song in both languages. I find myself digging; searching for a stanza, which reflects the gut and the heart of an expression. I have also noticed this of others, which brings even more of a challenge instilled in word play, that yes, its art, intriguing, and yes, it can be fun.

May I propose something, which may give the interpretation juices a kicker and perhaps raise the bar. Below is a list of interpretive takes on the following Mexican quote. Select the number of the one which in your estimation more closely follows the original but carries over into English with the most of everything? Other entries are welcome.

El amor nace de un flechazo; la amistad del intercambio frecuente y prolongado.
(Octavio Paz)

1. Love is born when the arrow of love strikes frequently with prolonged friendship.

2. Love is born at the strike of an arrow; friendship from frequent exchanges over time.

3. Love strikes like a bolt from the blue: friendship from frequent and prolonged understanding.

4. Next…..?

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