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Apr 23, 2008, 8:24 AM

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Re: [mskitty] Nitty Gritty of making the move

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One other little piece of advice that you will eventually come across if you do enough reading on these forums, and that is: choose a place and give it a test drive. Don't lock yourself into anything/anyplace too very permanently too quickly until you are sure of it.

If you are not bringing a lot of stuff with you the first time, I strongly advise coming and staying some place for three months. Then move on to Option #2 and then #3, if you have time and finances to do it.

If you intend to rent in Mexico, be sure to test every faucet, every tap, every electrical outlet, everything. In my experience, once you are in and renting, the landlords don't want to fix anything, especially little things. (In my case, some big things have gone unrepaired for over a year now and will probably never get fixied.) Maybe you are handy and are willing to do some of those little repairs for yourself. If you rent for a while and travel lightly, you can even move again, within the same town or area, if the rental is not completely to your liking.

Come down with bare essentials for six to 12 months and put the place to your tests. Then decide.

Good Luck.

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