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Feb 7, 2008, 11:58 AM

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Re: [tamartin] Scared of Mexico

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As far back as I can remember, media sensationalistic spikes, instant replays and horror flash backs have and will continue to plague the airways and newsstands. You’d think with time they’d sense overkill but saturated human conditioning endorses an increase in appetites for this kind of garbage too a disgusting level.

Due in part to lack of or rather opposing voices, sanity is an uphill battle in a crazier and crazier world. Normally I for one dislike and at times abhor even giving credence too “in your face” media violence, why, because it has and will always be there and quite frankly I for one, don’t need it any more.

Poisoning peace is a direct derivative of listening, digesting and “becoming” unconsciously what you live and listen too. If at one point in your life you can step back long enough to witness this firestorm, maybe, just maybe, “real awareness” will guide us in directions away from and/or opposing this madness.

Not being a mathematician, nor do I wish to impart more attention to the garbage we are fed, but when it comes to doling out facts, spin-doctors intentionally utilize statistics to make us believers.

The article someone pulled for consumption and someone else cleverly sighted, 40 million cross TJ borders from California annually, “interesting.” Yes, this is interesting indeed, because out of those, which have crossed into Mexico, maybe 4 or less, out of 22 traumatized were murdered last year.

Interesting but “not mentioned nor not worth mentioning” California (37 million) alone, the same state they cross into Mexico from, experienced a whopping 2,485 murders in 2006. Figuratively speaking, if you divide the annual California homicide rate of 2,485 by 4 Mexico’s TJ crossing homicides annually, it would take those same 40 million people crossing TJ, about “620 years” to equal the murders in California in just “one year” alone. Statistically if you will, no wonder many can close their eyes, smile and say Mexico is my paradise!

The human condition has always been the same and can cause wholesale death count to rise with the advent of newer more lethal killing machines. Why make it worse by doing exactly what I shouldn’t be doing and giving it the airtime peace of mind could instead use allot more of.

We know numbers are a tool to wean simple minds and simple people (which we all really are) in ways that they will try to sell snow to Eskimos if they could. As for visiting, living and finding your dreams in such a land as Mexico, why not, go for it. “Awareness” makes a great road map.

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