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Feb 5, 2008, 4:47 AM

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Re: [colibri1] Scared of Mexico

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I question just how "assimilated" gringos are in Mexico especially those who relate that the increase in crime is exaggerated and that they personally have never been victims in their years of living and/or touring there. Since when is it all about them? It is the height of narcissism and an insult to the Mexican people who, if you read the newspapers in Spanish, rate the "inseguridad" as being the biggest focus of their day to day living. President Calderon recently went on record as saying the effort to root out corruption and the drug cartels is higher on his list of priorities than the economy. Is crime anywhere on the radar of any of the current candidates for the presidency of the United States?

Nevertheless, comparisons are odious. Oakland, CA and Detroit, MI are two American cities with very high rates of violent crime. For residents of nearby communities Carmel and Grosse Point to claim that CA and MI are safe based upon their experience would be absurd. So, yes, Puerto Penasco is safer than Rosarito Beach right now. Will it always be that way? I hope so. But just a few short years ago it was unheard of for foreigners to be the target of kidnappings. Today, the huge number of se vende signs on the homes of gringos in the seaside campos attest to how bad the problem has become.

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