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Jul 10, 2007, 9:33 AM

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Re: [lakechapaladreamer] Here's the Scoop on the New Mail Forwarding Service!

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Well, here's the scoop! I was walking by the Lakeside Mall yesterday and went on inside to take a peek. WOW! It is going to be nice! It is an indoor mall with 15-20 shop spaces. Looks like there will also be 2 restaurants. The whole space is crawling with tradespeople (carpenters, painters, etc). Looks like it will be ready to open by the end of the month as planned.

Right smackdab in the middle of the mall is the mail forwarding business. I chatted with the owner (I can't remember his name), and here is what he said. He is trying something completely new. He will be offering a mail forwarding service for a bit less that MBE. Your mail will go to his daughter in Louisiana and every day or 2 she will put everything in a Fed-Ex box and overnight it to him. He will allow packets, like Handi-mail. He will have accounts set up with UPS, DHL and Fed-Ex, so he can accept packages (and ship out, also). He says he will just charge a dollar or two for handling charges when accepting the boxes and will NOT tack on all the extra mysterious charges that MBE has the reputation for doing. The actual shipping and custom details will be between you and the company you are receiving products from. If you need him to get the box to your house, he will charge a bit more to deliver it.

I don't have any more details than that, as he was busy and I didn't have a pen to jot notes down. He will be distributing flyers soon, though, and hopes to be going by the end of July.

The advantage to all this is that it is a much more secure way to get packets and packages. While we have been told we are able to receive packets (envelopes up to 10x13x2) through our present service, somehow, none have managed to arrive in my box. Somewhere in the handling process, the details of which are very murky (USPS delivers to the huge mail processing plant in Laredo, the mail goes to the specific area for Ajijic, gets loaded into a truck, is unloaded here and sorted into my box, etc,) the packets "disappear". We don't dare oder anything because of this. I know our mail is handled by many people in the process, even before Handi-mail employees see it, so I AM NOT saying the issue is with them (we DO get ALL our mail and magazines just fine). I just know that I ALWAYS received everything I ordered through USPS while NOB, so I doubt the issue is with USPS. Also, Mex Customs is not involved, because packets don't have to go through customs. Others I know are having the same issue.

It has become quite an issue for me, as I need to be able to order supplies from NOB and most all of these can be sent in packets via USPS. I need to be reasonably sure that they make it here, though and I am very optimistic that this service will meet my needs.

By the way, after all the time it took to get our address in all our correspondents computer systems, we won't be giving up our Handi-mail box. That helps establish our Texas residency also. This will be a business tool for me and a secondary mail address.

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