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Feb 13, 2007, 11:04 AM

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Are the Gulf coast beaches polluted?

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Dlyman6500 stated: "I was fascinated by the beaches between Campeche and Ciudad del Carmen. Miles and miles of beautiful beaches with almost no development. Occasional homes built in isolation - I assume with generators, wells, satellites, and all the other necessities if one doesn't have services provided. Evidently, though from reading the forum, I find that the beaches along the Gulf are highly polluted."

Dlyman6500, what you are doing here is perpetuating myth. In truth, much of the Gulf coast has less polluted waters than a lot of the Caribbean coast. Some folks get confused on water quality and water clarity. They are not the same thing. You can have clear-looking water that is heavily polluted and water with less sechii visibility that is much less polluted. Indeed, much of the water off the low-populated gulf coast of the Yucatan has a higher species diversity, including biological organisms that are very susceptible to pollution. This indicates very decent water quality. Parts of the Caribbean coast, including around Cancun, have water quality inferior to much of Yucatan's Gulf coast. To state that the beaches along the Gulf are highly polluted is an over-generalization that is plumb wrong.

Wild Bill
Merida/Uaymitun Yucatan

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