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Jan 23, 2007, 3:50 PM

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Re: [Oscar2] ??? It's What's for Breakfast

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Another surprise we found very tasty was the Café de Joya. We usually have café con leche but they recommended we try Café de Joya, as is, without leche or sweetener and boy, was it good.

You know, Oscar, I enjoy your posts and am glad you enjoy cafe de joya (olla) . But here is an observation.

Traditionally, in most parts of Mexico, including the famous coffee growing regions in Oaxaca and Chiapas, coffee is not a favored beverage. The cafe de olla you enjoyed has cinnamon and brown sugar in it because it is typical tasteless American weak swill with cinnamon and sugar added to make it palatable. Now, that´s OK. I am not in any way criticizing you, but just pointing out a fact.

When we have breakfast with indigenous friends in Oaxaca, coffee is never served. Rather, they serve the Oaxacan version of cocoa which is really a froth made with cocao beans, water, sugar and cinnamon. They love it but I find it dreadful.

In the city of Oaxaca, you will find it difficult to buy a decent cup of coffee outside of the tourist oriented zocalo. In the countryside, in this famous coffee growing area, you will not find coffee at all except Nescafe in a jar which you mix with hot water which might make you very sick unless the water has been boiled for at least three minutes..

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