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wendy devlin

Dec 18, 2006, 3:26 PM

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Re: [Bubba] On Southern Mexico

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Well, Bubba, your last post is full of truisms.

But just call me a titsy-witsey skeptical.
Being one of my brothers is in the international gold mining business. Where he advises sis...most of the money is in promotion.

Recently as in two weeksago, a developer pitched a proposal which has got our council (and other local business movers and shakers) all a ga-ga over a proposal to build an international airport(small) to help service a gated 60, million + dollar homes with their own hospital, firehall, sewage treatment system.

Homes will have West-coast waterfront views, or near views and a number of them feature 'taxiways' so corporate executives can fly their Cessnas nearer to their homes.

In a public presentation of the corporate proposal, the spokesman said that Jack N and that Norm guy had already walked the land in question for a prospective golf course.
(now that N has reportedly nixxed San Migue)

That and a five star hotel, a world class equestrian center...the list goes on.

All this...and so much more...just behind my ranchito on what we thought was the edge of the south Canadian wilderness. Trouble is...some people are buying it.

Look what's happened elsewhere.

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