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Dec 18, 2006, 2:34 PM

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Re: [wendy devlin] On Southern Mexico

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The PPP will create an elaborate infrastructure of ports, highways, airports, and railways aimed to connect the development of the petroleum, energy, maquiladora, and agricultural industries

You know, Wendy, poverty stricken places are always full of grandiose plans that will take them from rural backwaters to important centers of commerce and tourism and itīs all bullshit. When I was a kid in Alabama in the 50s, there was always some scheme to turn a poverty stricken part of the United States into an example of modern commercial success and it was always a load of crap so that some crooked politician could benefit from selling some swampland he had bought for nothing.

Down in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec they still dream of the new Panama Canal which will accommodate modern ship traffic the Panama Canal cannot handle over a canal/land bridge from the Gulf of Mexico to the Gulf of Tehuantepec at Salinas Cruz and itīs a pipe dream that will never happen while we are still on the planet but it makes them feel important and that is what itīs all about.

As Jack Nicholson said in Five Easy Pieces, " life is filled with auspicious beginnings...." Latin America is filled with the auspicious beginnings of what almost always turns out to be nothing at all but a half finished ruin rotting away in the sun with people observing it for the first time going, "What the hell was that supposed to be?"

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