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Dec 16, 2006, 9:43 AM

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Re: [waltw] On Southern Mexico

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Well said, Walt:

We were mightily impressed by the beauty and cleanliness of the central historical district of Oaxaca - a city I have been critical of in the past. They have some of the most striking colonial architecture in all of Mexico. As you say, grafitti laden walls around the zocalo have been repainted and the city and zocalo sparkle and are open for business. I wish I could say the same thing about my new co-hometown of San Cristobal which is defiled by ubiquitous grafitti. The Oaxaca zocalo is covered with poinsettias and soon the PFP troops will be moving out and dismantling their tents. The restaurants and hotels are open but still nearly empty of tourists as they continue to avoid the area much to their personal loss. You will, however, find many Oaxacans out and about and that beats walking amongst great historic beauty surrounded by a bunch of geeks from Peoria.

Despite the great beauty of the historical center, Oaxaca continues, post APPO, to be a place of frenetic traffic bordering on anarchy so, those of you unfamiliar with driving there are better off parking your car and walking or taking taxis. We have three hotel recommendations for those of you who take our advice on this. We always stayed at La Parra near the zocalo in the past but I was afraid they might still be closed after the recent problems so we went by an old favorite, the (inexpensive) La Casa de Maria at 205 Belisario Dominguqez which is a B&B and run by a nice woman named Maria Diaz. She couldn´t accomodate us so took us to a great hotel where her son works called Hotel Casa Conzatti within walking distance of the zocalo which fronts a beautiful park and is normally a bit expensive at about $120USD a night but is now at about $55USD a night. This Casa Conzatti is in a very nice neighborhood with large and tranquil parks among the frenetic activities of Oaxaca City which is a zoo but a damn fine zoo if I must say so.

By the way, Hotel La Parra has reopened and is a mighty fine place one block from the zocalo.

These hotels are all nice and will put you within an easy walk or taxi ride of the zocalo

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