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Under scrutiny: Job interviews in Mexico Ilya Adler

The experience of going through a job interview is, for most people, exhausting and stressful. You seek advice from others, read books about it, and prepare yourself to talk and behave in ways that fee... read more

Working from home: Is it viable in Mexico? Ilya Adler

More and more people are holding jobs that do not require commuting. Various positions in the publishing industry, such as writers, for example, do their work at home (or wherever they wish) and simply... read more

Laying off personnel in a Mexico business: Ready, aim, fire! Ilya Adler

You must have all heard or read about it by now: The Coca-Cola company has announced it will "reduce" its payroll by 7,000 employees. Profits were not as good as expected, and it is time to tighten the... read more

Risky business? A lot depends on your cultural viewpoint Ilya Adler

As many of you know, there are a number of ways to approach risk analysis, but the dominant model in most MBA programs falls under the category of “rational” models. In these models, risk analysis ... read more

Marketing a la Mexicana Ilya Adler

I recently spent ten days in California working with one of my clients to develop marketing strategies that would reach the increasingly important Mexican (and overall Hispanic) market of this importan... read more

Weirdos welcome: A Mexico workforce that encompasses a variety of cultures, work styles and ideas Ilya Adler

I have argued before that discrimination in the workplace is not only ethically wrong, but inefficient for the organization, since great candidates are often not considered for hiring. More specificall... read more

When in Rome... Mexican greeting practices in the business world Ilya Adler

It is surprising how different norms on the proper greeting method in the business world affect people so strongly. This is especially true when we contrast U.S. and Mexican preferences. Some people wi... read more

Increasing equity in Mexico: Discrimination in the world of international business Ilya Adler

Discrimination is an important moral concern for all of us. In the business world, the issue of discrimination goes beyond moral grounds. Although businesses’ main concern is profits, discrimination... read more

Pulling together: Cross national teamwork promises greater efficiency for doing business in Mexico Ilya Adler

These days it seems every company is adopting a team approach to doing business. While the concept is relatively new in the Western world, it is an old practice in Japan. But team-building, which requi... read more

Mexican-Anglo staff meetings: Meetings halfway Ilya Adler

A reality of any manager's life is attending and calling staff meetings. Another reality is that most managers complain staff meetings are a "waste of time." When meetings involve Mexican and Anglo-Am... read more

In the dark: Without reliable information, Mexican managers get in touch with their feelings Ilya Adler

Anyone who has ever worked in Mexico realizes that one of the biggest differences between doing business in this country and its two Nafta partners concerns information. Whereas in the U.S. and Canada ... read more

Double standard: What's right for Mexico's business world? Ilya Adler

I received various emails on my recent column dealing with management standardization. Many people were concerned that my column suggested that standard procedures are not necessarily the best way to m... read more

Eye of the beholder: Perceptions of Mexican job performance Ilya Adler

More often than not, when foreigners simply refuse to engage in the human aspects of the working world, they tend to see the more negative aspect of the Mexican experience. When I talk with non-Mexica... read more

Family affair: The family business in Mexico Ilya Adler

Both friends and enemies of Nafta predicted the treaty would bring increased investment crossing national borders, and in the case of Mexico, a significant new presence of U.S and Canadian firms. This ... read more

New and unimproved: A resistance to change in Mexican business Ilya Adler

"The problem in Mexico is that workers, and generally speaking all people, resist change." This was the opinion expressed to me recently by a successful (at least, rich) entrepreneur in Mexico City. Be... read more

Stuck in the middle: Cultural differences in Mexico's business world Ilya Adler

I've discussed cultural differences and clarity in Mexico's business world. But dealing with Mexican realities is not the only challenge faced by U.S. executives on Mexican assignments. Inevitably, as ... read more
Showing 51—66 of 66 results
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