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Stephen Dyer Wells

STEVEN D. WELLSBorn in 1947 a Capricorn with Gemini rising, I was soon transported to the West Coast and grew up in San Diego, where I learned about photography in high school while shooting for the school annual and then pursued a photography career starting in the USAF, which led to my studio training and many freelance assignments in Psychology Today as well as locally in advertising.

Following a life changing 16,500 mile drive around Costa Rica and Guatemala during 1975-76 I was determined to get out of the city. I then found my haven 'Deep in the Sequoias' of Humboldt county Nor-Cali.

My Mexico travels began when my mother took me to Chapala, Jalisco in April of 1954, when I was seven, and I remember running around the market and town on my own. Some of my Spanish was learned there... "andale, pronto"... and I was there for the 'Miracle of the return of the lake'; Man did it ever thunder, lightning and RAIN!

Growing up in San Diego, with parents that made weekly shopping trips to Tijuana, and regular excursions to Ensenada, I developed an early love for a time long past in Mexico. As a friend puts it "When Mexico smelled of sweaty sombreros, wet huaraches and donkey dung!" A time that the advertising tee-shirt, baseball cap and Nike swoosh have obliterated in most parts of the country.

Starting in 1975 I began a series of sojourns into Mexico that have taken me to 25 of the 31 states. Favorite places include Taxco, Guerrero, the Michoacan mountains at Mil Cumbres and the rugged coastal cliffs of B.C.N.. I am now an ejidetario in the Costa Chica of Oaxaca State, with my own pedaso de Mexico, and an all concrete casita.

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