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Sheila Forst Ruof

Sheila Forst Ruof is originally from Pennsylvania, and except for a brief stint in Wyoming, lived most of her life on the east coast of the United States before moving to Mexico.

She has been an investment banker, president of a Fortune 500 subsidiary, and vice president of marketing for an international financial services firm. In her entrepreneurial phase(s), she served as president of four different start-up companies. She has also been a teacher, a community organizer, a project director, and a missionary. All of which, she claims, proves mostly that she could persuade a lot of people to let her lead them where they would otherwise — and rightly — fear to go.

Currently, Sheila is principal of a management consulting firm headquartered in the U.S., and works by phone, fax, e-mail, file transfer, and a lot of UPS Overnights, in between plane trips.

She travels with her laptop, and you can best reach her via e-mail.

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