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Gail Mitchell

I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Growing up, I faithfully recorded my youthful experiences in ledger books my father brought home from the office. I wrote short stories on our trusty Royal typewriter and sent them off to magazines whose editors suggested I resubmit them when I grew up. Instead, I completed a bachelor's degree in primary education, became a teacher, got married and had three sons.

Years later, I completed a master's degree in public administration. I spent years working in non-profit organizations providing healthcare and cancer support, which warmed my heart, but not the rest of me, during the long, cold winters. When our sons heard "go west," they did, and we pursued our dream to live in Mexico.

Since 2006, my husband Bill and I have split our time between San Francisco, Nayarit (San Pancho), Chicago and California. It has been here in Mexico that writing has, once again, become an important part of my life. In San Pancho, I am one of five women who formed the San Pancho Writer's group. You can read more of our work on our group blog.

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