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Telenovelas - My Secret Obsession

Angela Artemis

I have another confession: I don't speak a word of Spanish.

Bare of make-up, the only discoloration in her olive skin is the hint of a moustache over her upper lip. Thick eyeglasses frame her dark eyes and heavy brows. Her naïve smile reveals the metal braces on her teeth. A long black braid held in place with childish clips, hangs down her back. She's still in her twenties but her hideous knee length ensembles are more appropriate for a woman in her seventies, and yet - she is irresistible and I cannot take my eyes off of her!

Who is she, you ask? Leticia, the lead character from the Mexican tela-novela, La Fea Más Bella. I've been secretly watching it now for several months, and I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I've gotten hooked on the corny over-acted show. Many times I change the station, but always end up turning back to Univision eagerly awaiting a glimpse of the homely, but thoroughly captivating heroine who completely makes any scene she's in. The fact that she's completely clueless about her dowdy appearance even while standing out like a cross-dresser in a girls' locker room makes her that much more appealing.

Leticia, affectionately referred to as Leti, has bewitched Fernando, her handsome dish of a boss, the president of Conceptos, a production company. While on a much needed vacation from her secretarial job, she captivated Aldo - the producer of the Miss Mexico Pageant - much to the chagrin of his current girlfriend. Aldo has been parading her all over Acapulco in a horse drawn carriage decorated in pink balloons telling her all his dreams and goals, and feels as if he's found a kindred spirit. Meanwhile, Fernando misses her terribly and is so distracted that he can't work. He is constantly staring at a photo of her he's downloaded to his computer, although the minute anyone enters his office he closes the page. He cannot understand how he has become smitten with this aberration of the fashion world.

Back at home, Leti has a goofy friend named Thomas who wears his pants short, his belt high and his hair higher. He's an absolute nitwit and worksfor Leti's boss spying on the company's competition. No one has any idea that Leti is completely and hopelessly in love with her boss, but in last night's episode Leti's mother (who sports the same moustache) found her diary and read it. The shocking truth that Leti pines for Fernando is out. I cannot wait for tonight's episode.

That being said, I have another confession: I don't speak a word of Spanish. Nada. Zilcho. Zero. Yo no hablo espanol. But, I still can't stop watching this show. It sounds crazy, and maybe it is, but a hit show is a hit show no matter what language it's in. I'm not sure if my interpretation of the show is correct, but I'd like to think it's not too far off from the storyline. If I could make one suggestion to make the show any better, it would be to please, please get some English subtitles. Other than that I think its perfecto and I highly recommend it!

Published or Updated on: May 4, 2007 by Angela Artemis © 2008
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