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The Yucatan peninsula links

Ron Mader

All regions in Mexico differ from each other, but some are profoundly different. The Yucatan Peninsula is one of the continent's newest territories, emerging from the sea roughly 60 million years ago as the result of a tremendous meteor crash.

Politically, the territory is home to some of Mexico's youngest states: Yucatan, Quintana Roo, and Campeche. In the first installment of "Mexico on the Web" in 2002 we pay tribute to some of the most interesting regional websites.


Cancun User's Guide
/5 Stars

Journalist and author Jules Siegel has placed almost anything you'd want to know about Cancun on the Web. Tourists will enjoy the frank talk about beaches and nightlife. Long-term visitors will find information found nowhere else such as detailed descriptions of visits to butchers, bookbinders and botanicas.

That said, it's a great guide for English speakers moving anywhere in Mexico. Bonus sections of the site include a search engine and numerous essays that examine whether Cancun is or isn't "plastic" and how tourism officials responded to smear campaigns from abroad. This innovative site is highly recommended.


Haciendas Yucatecas

/5 Stars

This Spanish-language supplement of the Diario de Yucatan newspaper provides the inside scoop about more than 20 haciendas, the large rambling plantations that date back to the henequen empire of the late 1800s. A combination photo gallery and history lesson, the editors explain how henequen -- an agave native to the region -- was used to produce cord and string.

Production after the Mexican revolution and collapsed after the invention of plastic. The result was the abandonment of these estates. Today, the haciendas are being converted into hotels and museums. The site also includes an index of related news items and editorials. Kudos to the Diario de Yucatan for such an attractive presentation that makes history come alive.

Related Websites:

Campeche State Government

Quintana Roo State Government

Yucatan State Government

- State websites are notorious for being flashy, slow loading and likely to freeze your computer. Nevertheless, these sites are getting better and they offer an important archive and contact information.

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