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Election 2000

Ron Mader

Rate the Partys' webmaster skills before the 2000 elections

Mexico's most important elections of the year (for President, Mayor of Mexico City, and Governors of Morelos and Guanajuato, not to mention the Senate and Chamber seats) take place on July 2. As a preview, this month we look at the major political party websites.

This is not a review of party politics, but rather a look at how well the Web is used to provide meaningful content, including position statements, party history, and other information valuable to voters and election-watchers alike. Truth is, the political sites rarely provide easy access to press releases, speeches, or archives that place the informative documents in context.

This is the first of a two-part series,and no doubt will be subject to change as the election approaches. Next month, we review the analytical sites, news-resource pages, and related directories.

National Action Party (PAN) /5 Stars

PAN presidential candidate Vicente Fox is the star of this website. Pages are filled to the brim with the candidate's image. The site, although mostly in Spanish, does have ample sections in English. It provides a biography of Fox as well as party doctrine, documents on the role of women, and a countdown to the July election. The PAN website also has the archives of its political magazine La Nación and other on-line documents about the party. This is an informative website. Readers interested in the party should also look at a separate website created by its congressional The news one of the most up-to-date services of its kind.
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Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) /5 Stars

Mexico's ruling party has a fanciful, high-tech site boasting a techno soundtrack not found on the other political party sites. To access it, viewers will need an array of software (Software Flash, Real Player, Quicktime 4). Without a doubt, this site is on the cutting edge visually, but there's a problem here: simple lack of content. Plus, the site never seems to finish loading.

However, it would be an error to dismiss it altogether. Documents such as the Plataforma Electoral Federal 2000-2006 (Federal Electoral Platform )- - are available in a variety of formats, including HTML, as well as Acrobat Reader and Microsoft Word.
There's even a page for reader suggestions- Maybe this site will improve before the elections.
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Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) /5 Stars

Technically, this is the simplest site of the three leading political parties. It provides readers with an introduction to the PRD, from party-platform documents to history to complete election results from 1997. Presidential candidate Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas has his own resource page - Best of all, the home page serves as a news portal, updated frequently with party perspectives on the news of the day, including the Fobaproa scandal -
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Other Mexican political parties:

There are numerous other political parties in Mexico, most of which have yet to get online. Those parties that do have sites of interest, however, include the following:

Green Party (PVEM)

Labor Party (PT)

Party of the Democratic Center (PCD)

Social Democratic Party (PDS)

The Authentic Party of the Mexican Revolution (PARM)

Part 2

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