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Mexico holds its own in web-industry sites

Ron Mader

The Internet provides a wealth of resources about its own history and the associations that help it work. So this month the Internet stars as itself, with a focus on how it has developed in Mexico. According to the Mexico Internet Society, the country's Web development dates back to 1987.

The Internet's dawning in Mexico has culminated in a great wave of infrastructure growth for this new communications technology.What was clear then-and now-is that local Internet aficionados love showing the world Mexico's unique character. So, here's a long-overdue review of the associations and Internet hubs that literally put Mexico on the Web.

Network Information Center-Mexico
/5 Stars

Did you know that '.mx' URLs rank 15th in the world? You'll learn not only how Mexico's Web industry ranks on this site, you can even register your own '.mx' URLs at this informative, Spanish-language website.
NIC-Mexico boasts a friendly layout and loads of information, including news bulletins ( and statistics ( For any Web-savvy Mexicophile, or Mexico-savvy Webaholic, this site deserves a bookmark.


The Industry Standard
/5 Stars

The Web version of this trusted industry magazine is highly recommended for anyone interested in the development of the Web. The International section - (,1970,5804,00.html) - regularly features news from Mexico and other Latin American countries.
In addition, the site provides "Tech and Telecom" news, along with its own newsletter, conference announcements and a subscription form for the printed magazine. The Industry Standard is a highly recommended resource for anyone interested in the Web.


Mexico Internet Society
/5 Stars

The premier association of Internet gurus and entrepreneurs, the Mexico Internet Society is a respected association that provides national leadership. That said, their website leaves much to be desired. Compare their site to their parent organization's, the Internet Society (, and the difference is like night and day.
What you'll find online at the national site are details about news and events ( but much of the site is either obsolete, or to be generous, a rich archive of historical interest. Check out the Internet Stats ( and the document takes the reader back to 1996. While the society has done a great deal to help develop the Web, it could spend a little more time on its own website.


More Favorites


A Brief History of the Internet A well-written essay that documents the technical development of the Web.

Federal Telecommunications Commission
Mexican officials show off high-tech design but surprisingly little content.


Mexican Cybercafe Association
Don't just drink the java, surf it!


Network Solutions
Click here to register a domain name.


Domain Stats
More straight-up domain stats.


Home-grown Hackers

Last month's SirCam virus received top-threat status a week after it began to arrive in email inboxes. Experts believe that it was written by a coder in Mexico. Infected computers would roll the virus' credits, reading as follows: "SirCam Version 1.0 Copyright 2001 2rP Made in/ Hecho en-Cuitzeo, Michoacán México"

Published or Updated on: January 1, 2006 by Ron Mader © 2008
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