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Inter-American Development Bank

Ron Mader

Created in the late 1950s to promote economic development throughout the Americas, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) was one of the first multinational lending institutions to develop a presence on the web. The website ( offers helpful introductory pages in both English and Spanish. Among its more useful materials are back grounders on IDB policies, projects and business opportunities.

The Mexico country profile page (, is an interesting Spanish-language review of economic policy by Jorge Requena (email: JORGERE@IADB.ORG). The document was written at some point in 1997 (the exact publication date is not available, nor is an English language translation).

In fact, most of the more interesting documents are available solely via hard copy. For example, a review of institutional projects ( offers an intriguing page of listings by country and status ( but none of the documents are available online. This is a shame and the only reason that the site does not receive a higher rating.

The bank explains that only executive summaries of these documents are available. Full-text versions are available from the bank's Public Information Centers in Washington, D.C. or the regional offices in Latin America. For more information, contact the bank via email at

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