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Football links on Mexico Connect

Ron Mader

Sports fans use the internet every day to find information that the net provides best - late scores and info about sports that don't make the daily paper - water polo, wrestling, and if we're talking about the Mexican newspapers: American-style football.

Sure enough, Mexicans do follow the misadventures of the Dallas Cowboys, but if you want to see how the locals play the sport, check out Hugo Licona's excellent website - American Football in Mexico ( This site tracks game-by-game play within the National Student Organization of American Football (ONEFA in Spanish).

Licona, a die-hard afficionado of the sport, maintains this archive located within the Geocities archives - this is one of more innovative internet hubs that literally gives away websites to personal users.

The American Football in Mexico site includes information on this week's upcoming games and current standings. Past games that did receive newspaper coverage have links to those articles. Best of all - it's almost completely bilingual.

Licona provides complete rosters and updated scores for Mexico's "Big Ten Conference": Aguilas Blancas and Pieles Rojas (IPN), Centinelas (CGP), Aztecas (UDLA), Condores (UNAM), Borregos-CEM, Borregos-Laguna and Borregos-Monterrey (ITESM), Osos (UNAM Acatlan) and the Tigres from UANL.

The only fault I see is that the team roster section does not include links to the team's homepages, such as Monterrey's Borregos Salvajes (, which as you'd expect from the Tech, is as sleak and professional as the city itself.

You can visit Hugo Licona's American Football in Mexico page online at Contact Hugo via email:

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