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Business Mexico picks the best of '98

Ron Mader

Critics assess the Net as being a mile wide and an inch deep. And, yes, too many Mexico-related websites reflect that same kind of superficiality. But as we head into a new year, it's the time to issue kudos and thanks for work well done. On-line you'll find more than a handful of Web sites that buck the trend toward triviality. This month we pay our respects to the webmasters of the following content-rich and innovative sites.

Mexico Connect
Rating: ***** (out of 5*)

Here's a Web site that does everything right. Lake Chapala-based Mexico Connect appears on the Web as a monthly digest of Mexican travel, business and cultural information. Run by David McLaughlin, the site features articles by well-known Mexico writers Joe Cummings, Tony Burton and Stan Gotlieb, who writes an always memorable "Letter from Oaxaca."

The result is a smorgasbord of unusual features that will urge you to put on your explorer cap. Mexico Connect eschews the beach resorts to tout lesser-known destinations, such as Zacatecas and rural Jalisco. The site also provides economic updates, a reader bulletin board and recipes from the Mexican kitchen. You'll even find past columns of Mexico on the Web here ( Mexico on the Web).


Rabbit in the Moon
Rating: *****

It's easy to lose one's sense of time exploring this rich archive of all things related to the writing and the culture of the Maya. Nancy McNelly has compiled a useful background on glyph reading and calendar making. You can also have your own name translated into glyphs automatically. The site is so much fun, you may forget it's also educational. But that's the reason it was chosen by Discovery Channel as an on-line resource for its Cultures Alive series. Touching is the site's request for support of a new endowment--a tribute to the late Mayanist Linda Schele whose work radically changed the field of Maya glyph reading. See


International Migration
Rating: *****

Diplomat Daniel Hernández Joseph hosts this bilingual Web site which gathers on-line resources devoted to immigration issues throughout the world. Of course, the focus of the site is Mexico, where Hernández works at the Foreign Relations Secretariat (SRE). Many of the secretariat's immigration reports are found here, making this a bookmark site for government officials, NGOs and academics.

Don't be misled and think this is a dull, one-sided discourse from the cyber soapbox. Far from it! This is one of the rare public policy sites where the issues are examined from various points of view. For those researching the topic, International Migration is an absolute must.


Mexico City Virtual Guide
Rating: ****

There are several Web sites that try to digitize the world's largest city, but my favorite general introduction is the Virtual Guide. While the site does not seem to be updated often, it provides a first-time visitor with all the necessary information from city hotels to parks. The guide also provides readers access to an ongoing discussion of all things chilango. For those who want to post a question or provide an answer, visit the Mexico City Monitor bulletin board at


Honorable mentions go to:
The National Pochismo Institute (,
Daniel German's directory of Internet Providers in Mexico (,
The Mexican Heritage Almanac (,
Mexican Rugby Union (
And Bobby Vaughn's Black Mexico home page (

Published or Updated on: January 1, 1998 by Ron Mader © 2008
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