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Veracruz online

Ron Mader

Veracruz isn’t just about coffee, Caribbean music and beautiful beaches —it’s also about excellent websites. The area boasts a generous mix of everything you could ask for—tropical forests and snow-capped volcanoes, colonial cities, white-water rafting, the lyrical Caribbean-influenced music known as son and seafood that is justifiably world-famous. The state is also on the cutting edge of website development thanks to high-quality government, university and private websites that provide a wealth of information ranging from politics to museum exhibits. Put on your Agustin Lara Greatest Hits CD (selecting the tune "Veracruz" of course—lyrics online with the promise of a Real Audio clip forthcoming via and enjoy these recommended resources showcasing Veracruz on the Web.

Veracruz Government Website *** (out of five *)

I had problems accessing this website, but when it did load—slowly—it provided a respectable archive of information about the current administration and background on the state. What makes a good government website? The acknowledgement of other sectors—such as "Non-Governmental Groups" or "Organizaciones no Gobermentales”—and this site definitely has them ( Email contact:

Xalapa Government **** (out of five *) This city website ranks near the top of municipal sites in Mexico. It boasts a top-notch collection of information provided by the Xalapa government as well as a decent links page ( Before a trip to Xalapa this summer, I briefed myself online with maps ( and an index of museums (, which lists an overwhelming amount of cultural attractions. This section includes an excellent background (in Spanish) on the city's famous Anthropology Museum (, home to many of the giant Olmec Heads as well as pieces from the region's Huasteca Culture. The Tourism Services Section ( is well developed and there are profiles of upcoming congresses ( What's lacking? The corresponding government page ( http:// has a list of officials but no contact information or details about current politics. Also, if the city wishes to promote more international tourism, an English-language guide would be helpful. Kudos to the designers for the helpful site map— Email contact:

Universidad Veracruzana
**** (out of five *)

This impressive university site includes an English-language home page ( The site provides information about the university and briefs visitors on the region's history and attractions—from Veracruz Port ( to the El Tajin archaeological site ( You'll also be able to listen to the university's radio station ( if you have the RealAudio player software installed. This is an impressive site and one worth bookmarking to see what changes are implemented next! Email contact:

Snapshots: Other recommended Veracruz websites:

Traveler's Guide to Veracruz
Travelers are wise to consult this online guide to travel in the Jarocho state, part of the larger "Traveler's Guide to Mexico" website.

Instituto de Ecologia
One of Mexico's pioneering environmental research centers, the Institute deserves to be better known. Luckily, their newly redesigned web page is just the guide!

Xalapa - Museum of Anthropology
This simple web page provides a small collection of images from Veracruz's best known museum.

Mexico Connect - State of Veracruz Index

- An excellent resource hub for articles, maps, songs (!) and related links

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