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July 24 is National Tequila Day: A tequila resource page

The valleys of El Tecuane and Santa Rosa in Jalisco are filled with fields of blue agaves (Tequilana weber azul), which appear as lakes from a distance. This portion of the Mexican countryside was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006.
© John Pint, 2010
Fields of blue agave, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006. © John Pint, 2010

The US celebrates National Tequila Day on July 24.

Present in the popular margarita, tequila can stand alone as a fine liquor. The popular traditional drink boasts an appellation or denomination of origin. Distilled from the nectar of the Weber blue agave, tequila dates from the 16th century. It may have originated in the Mexican town of Amatitan, Jalisco, where a pre-Hispanic distillery has been discovered in El Tecuane Canyon.

MexConnect invites you to celebrate by getting to know this quintessentially Mexican drink — Mexico's gift to the world. ¡Salud!

History of tequila

Did you know? Tequila dates from the sixteenth century

Did tequila originate in the Mexican town of Amatitan, Jalisco?

Discovering Mexico's tequila region

Tequila: not just Mexico's national drink!

Tequila, more than just a margarita

Cooking with tequila

Cooking with tequila: Mexico's national drink moves into the kitchen — Part One

Cooking with tequila: Mexico's national drink moves into the kitchen — Part Two

Tequila and margarita glass with strawberries
© Daniel Wheeler, 2009

Recipes with tequila


Beach cocktail

Citrus-tequila cocktail: Mexicana

Grapefruit apple refresher

Pomegranate punch: Ponche de granada


Tamarind margaritas: Margaritas de tamarindo

Toreador: A sweet tequila cocktail

Tequila sunset

Tropical cocktail

Tequila in appetizers and soups

Avocado soup with tequila: Sopa de aguacate con tequila

Salsas and salad dressings with tequila

Sangrita salad dressing: Aderezo de sangrita para ensaladas

Northern Mexican "drunken" salsa: Salsa borracha norteña

Main dishes with tequila

Acapulco-style fish filets: Filetes de pescado estilo Acapulco

Beef fajitas with tequila: Fajitas de res al tequila

Cheese fondue with tequila: Fondeu de queso al tequila

Chicken tequila fettuccine: Pollo al tequila con fettuccine

Jalisco style enchiladas: Enchiladas tapatias

Shrimp in damiana and tequila sauce: Camarones al damiana y tequila

Desserts with tequila

Mango-tequila ice: Nieve de mango con tequila

Strawberry and tequila cheese cake: Pastel de queso con fresas y tequila

Strawberry margarita sorbet: Sorbet de coctel margarita con fresas

Tequila lime pie: Pay de limon con tequila

Tequila recipes in Spanish

Atardecer tequilero

Coctel de playa

Coctel tropical

Refresco de toronja y manzana


Tequila trivia

Did you know? Agaves function as Mexico's 7-Elevens

Did you know? Diamonds from tequila

Tequila in literature

Tequila, Lemon and Salt: From Baja — Tales of Love, Faith and Magic

Tequila tales

A drinking (wo)man's guide to tequila

Cheers: La vida en un sorbo

So, you want to try tequila?

Published or Updated on: July 20, 2010
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