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Headin' south - Taxco to Cuernavaca

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Posted by Charlie G. on January 22, 1999

Headin' South - Part 4…Taxco to Cuernavaca

January 21st….After getting a couple more hours of cardio-vascular workout hiking the streets of Taxco this A.M. trying to find just the right silver trinket as a gift for my son's novia we took off for Cuernavaca about noon. No rush, as it is only about forty miles from Taxco to Cuernavaca using the Acapulco to Mexico DF toll road, Highway 95. Arriving before 1pm, poorer by $71 pesos for the three tolls charged on even this short stretch of road, we got off the Cuota and cruised Cuernavaca from south to north on the old free highway 95 looking for a hotel.

After a few passes up and back, we pulled into the Hotel de las Rosas on Av. E. Zapata (the northern extension of Morelos heading north from the Centro). The Rosas is a bungalow sort of place with two pools and pretty nice grounds apparently used a lot by large Mexican families down from D.F. for the weekend. Clean and fairly quiet with off street, secure parking. We paid $172 pesos for our double room with two beds and a TV that gets two channels. Not bad, actually. I'd stay here again for the price if I needed a place to park a vehicle.

At the suggestion of the hotel manager, we took a taxi to the Zocalo for $15 pesos and had a good comida corrida at the Restaurant Universal on the Plaza for $48 pesos each plus drinks. The taxis here have a plan of the city posted in the window of each cab which shows the rate charged to and from the Zocalo to various zones of the city. Not a bad idea. We spent the rest of the beautiful 80-degree afternoon hanging out around the pleasant main plaza and walking the streets around the Centro area. My son was disappointed that the girls here are not quite as good looking as those in Guadalajara. I had to explain to him that there are no girls…anywhere… as great looking as those in Guad. At least in my opinion, and I've made an extensive study of this subject over the years.

On the way back to the hotel the cabbie was telling me that Cuernavaca was the kidnapping capital of Mexico because of all the rich Chilangos from D.F. who have homes here. It crossed my mind as he was talking, that we have not seen anything even resembling crime during this entire trip. Not even an auto accident. We use reasonable precautions, of course, but have never even felt threatened and found everyone we have dealt with to be friendly and helpful. Since clearing Customs at the Nogales border we have seen no roadblocks, no military activity, and have neither been stopped nor questioned by anyone. It will be interesting to see if this changes as we move south into the state of Oaxaca tomorrow.

Saludos desde Cuernavaca,

Charlie G.

P.S. Posting this from a Cybercafe in Oaxaca….we made it! More details to follow…

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