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Lousiana to Puerto Vallarta

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Posted by Heather Myers on May 21, 1999

We will be traveling from Louisiana to Puerta Vallarta next week and are unable to find a good road map. Can anyone give us a good route? We are pretty much open to suggestions even as to location of border crossings. Any help that can be offered will be much appreciated.

Posted by Edward on May 21, 1999

I would think Nuevo Laredo is best for you to cross at, that’s where I crossed coming from Atlanta. Good Info for crossing at Nuevo Laredo-->

I followed the same route Dumois described until Zacatecas. In Zacatecas I talked with some locals of my plans and they advised the route Zacatecas-Aqua Calientes-Lago Morena- Guadalajara. From what they told me, Hwy 54 is very mountainous, twisty, sometimes without a shoulder road. Though it appears the shortest route it takes longer and you must pay close attention.

The other route is more toll "cuota" road, and I think is longer, but for me was stress free. After the drive from Saltillo to Zacatecas on the 2 lane with no shoulder and drop offs on both sides at parts, I welcomed the toll road option. I made it to Guadalajara in about 3 1/2 hours.

You can easily divide the drive to PV in 2 full days, stopping in Zacatecas after 7-8 hours driving, and make it to PV in about 9 hours, (these times are based on car or van, not a RV) but if you have the time I would stop in Guadalajara for a few days. Beautiful city and I met many wonderful people from there.

Posted by Roger on May 22, 1999

You will do well with any south Texas crossing. If you have opportunity to spend a little time in Zacatecas you'll find it well worthwhile. All the travel books (Frommer's, Fodor's) contain decent maps and some insurer's provide them. Do not drive without insurance. Roger

Posted by dumois on May 21, 1999

Coming from Louisiana, perhaps you'd like to cross the border through Laredo-Nuevo Laredo. I don't know about "crossing conditions" at this point, but I'm sure someone on the forum will offer advice on this matter.

After the border crossing take Autopista Mex 85 South to Monterrey. Then Autopista Mex 40 West to Saltillo. Then Mex 54 South to Zacatecas. Being in Zacatecas, I'm sure you'd like to pay a visit to this most interesting city. If you go to Mexico Connect's home page and type "Zacatecas" inside the Search box located in the left upper part of that page, the system will give you lots of info on the subject.

After enjoying beautiful Zacatecas, take Mex 54 South to Guadalajara, the Pearl of the West. Take your time to at least say hello to her, please. Then head West on Autopista Mex 15 to Tepic and Puerto Vallarta. Way before you arrive to Tepic you'll see the road signs to Mex 66 West to Compostela and Puerto Vallarta. After you pass Compostela, on Las Varas, you will take Mex 200 South to Vallarta.

Just a couple of recommendations:

1) The minute you get into Mexico, buy yourself a Guía Roji "Por las carreteras de México," perhaps the best road map booklet available around here. I don't know if you can find that in the United States. Again I appeal to the limitless well of wisdom of the Forum to help you here.

2) Once you leave Zacatecas, now heading South on Mex 54, at about 60 km from Zacatecas you will be very close to La Quemada, ancient Chicomoztoc. Stop and pay a visit to this important archaeological site before you resume your driving to Guadalajara.

Buena suerte y buen viaje.

Saludos from Guadalajara,


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