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Ajijic's Favorite Landscaped Gardens

Cat Gonzales

A gated entrance to this garden follows the principles of Feng Shui, inviting you to enter gracefully into the "house of water" - the area corresponding to an easy flow of life as prescribed by Feng Shui.


- at Lake Chapala, México -


- are inviting outdoor living spaces of subtropical plants and lily ponds -

- which create sound, scent and color, -


- and are designed by Feng Shui Landscaping.

This client wanted a tropical look. The entrance to the back garden is filled with exotic plants such as Heliconium, whose colorful bracts are like a series of red crab claws which remain tipped with yellow or green for many months. Lake Chapala is in a sub-tropical area; many plants which grow in tropical jungles are at home here.


Cat Gonzales, Feng Shui trained:
Creates landscape designs in harmony with Feng Shui principles - to entice, to stimulate, to heal.
Ing. R. Gonzales:
Engineering and construction of ponds, waterfalls, paths, earthworks, topography and drainage systems

This garden was created for a person concerned with water conservation. The garden is planted with sun loving ferns and blue succulents along with pale green echeverria which shoots up a tall spike of blossoms lasting a month. These plants live in harmony with drought tolerant plants like Agapanthus (foreground). Beside the patio are Elephant's Ear and Diffenbachia. Note the contrast of textures and shapes of the foliage.

We design and contstruct Feng Shui gardens and landscaping in the States of Jalisco and Michoacán. Our base is Lake Chapala, Jalisco.


Telephone: (52) 044 376 9 0516 (cell)
(At peak hours, try up to 3 times.)


Mailing Address:
APDO #19
Jocotepec, 45800,
Jalisco, México

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