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Mexico Design & Style: The Series

Karen Witynski and Joe P. Carr

Celebrated for their simple splendor, Mexican design elements reflect the rich heritage of Mexico's tradition-bound world.

Charmed by the character and ingenuity of the Mexican people, we have been irresistibly drawn to the rugged, romantic beauty of the native architecture and the soulful antiquity of their handcrafted furnishings.

For decades, we have wound our way by bus and burro through Mexico's tropical villages and old colonial towns, bumping alongside sugarcane fields and down narrow cobblestone streets in search of the nuances of Mexican design: old-world architectural details in carved stone, wood and iron; sun-drenched colors of burnt ochre, colonial red and Maya blue; simple, robust country antiques; heavy colonial doors; rustic utilitarian objects; sculptural vessels and artful treasures alive with history and ingenuity.

From rustic haciendas and marketplaces to elegant colonial homes and workshops, we were astounded by the diversity of the furnishings and objects we encountered, the richly-painted surfaces, lustrous hardwoods and textural character marks left by decades of time and wear.

Cherished as 'relics of real life', these indigenous pieces have evolved gracefully over time as they have been revived, restored and adapted to newfound uses and decorative contexts. Old corral gates are now headboards, carved doors become coffee tables and stone water filters newly flower as planters.

Today, these Mexican design elements have taken root in contemporary homes throughout the U.S. and Mexico, integrating easily into a variety of architectural environments and adding character and depth to our interiors.

Join our design pilgrimages as we visit desert ranches, tropical courtyards, artists' homes and country retreats to reveal the richness of the Mexican design style.

Series Index

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May '03 - Mexican Cocinas
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June '03 - Restoring a Mexican Hacienda
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Published or Updated on: April 1, 2003 by Karen Witynski and Joe P. Carr © 2009
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